Challenge - 1000 Calories a Day Strength Training

Challenge number 2, 1000 calories a day strength training for two weeks, is complete. Again, great experience. I’ve never been so constantly sore and definitely felt like I was on the verge of slight injury multiple times but got through it. I think going from 0-100 didn’t help. 

With regards to the data, it couldn’t of been more boring. There weren’t any significant changes in the metrics besides a few pounds of body weight and a decrease in sleep time.

Overall I’ve been pretty disappointed with the results from these challenges, so will be pivoting and doing something slightly different going forward. The biometric tracking just isn’t interesting enough. In other words, this is the last lab that I’ll be doing. 

More can be found on my instagram at @andrewdelmarfitness.


Body Weight

Very glad that I put on some decent weight. Some will say it’s water weight from the creatine, but I can feel that I put on some muscle. Only time will tell.


Sleep Time

It’s so hard to pin-point a cause for interrupted sleep but I feel that 30 minutes less sleep a night is significant enough to make note of. There were probably other variables at play here, but could definitely feel that my sleep was being affected by something.


Final Stats

1000+ calories a day, a minimum time of 1:17:10 and maximum time of 2:01:00.


The Sessions

I used a program I had found online, then just added a bunch of my own stuff until I hit 1000 calories. Some days were lower weight, higher reps just because I was a little scared of injury by pushing heavy.

The Data Dump

Boring data. No real changes besides some body weight and decrease in sleep time. I’m not convinced of the accuracy of the smart scale, and the sleep app is very finicky which affects its accuracy. Also the apple watch is very inconsistent with its HRV readings. Some days it will take upwards of 10 readings, but most days it’s around 3-4, which I feel is a poor reflection of your actual health.